Huggy Blanket Compression Sleeping Bag


Huggy Blanket Compression Sleeping Bag


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Huggy Blanket Compression Sleeping Bag


Feeling lonely while sleeping at night or spooky when camping? We have a blanket for you that will make you feel hugged! This sleeping bag will keep you warm and toasty all night long. It’s made with a stretchy, lightweight material that hugs your body and provides just the right amount of pressure. Plus, it’s machine-washable so you can keep it clean no matter where you go.




You’ll never have to be uncomfortable while you sleep again – this sleeping bag is perfect for camping trips, long flights or just a night in at home. Snuggle up in its soft embrace and get the best night’s sleep ever.


Order your very own huggy blanket!

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✓ The sleeping bag will make you feel hugged and comfortable!

✓ The sleeping bag is stretchy and takes up little space.


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✓ The sleeping bag can be machine-washed and is durable.

✓ It’s suitable for both adults and children to nap safely and stay warm.


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Material: Acrylic Fiber

Color: As shown

Adult size: 185x50cm/72.83×19.68inch or 170x40cm/66.93×15.75inch.

Children sizes: 150x40cm/59.06×15.75inch or 140*35cm/55.12×13.78inch.


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1 x sleeping bag

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