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Glass Glue Angle Scraper

Original price was: $26.85.Current price is: $17.90.

Glass Glue Angle Scraper

Original price was: $26.85.Current price is: $17.90.

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Glass Glue Angle Scraper 

Looking for a quick and efficient way to scrape those hard-to-reach areas? Look no further!


Glass Glue Angle Scraper


This Glass Glue Angle scrapper is a  great tool that will provide you with the quickest and easiest solution to get rid of old glue that’s now hardened and almost impossible to scrape off without damaging your wall or ground.


The Glass Glue Angle Scraper is sharp and precise with every scrap. Get ONE now!

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✓  Removes stubborn old glue & smoothes sealing lines and caulking lines.

✓  Comes with 5 interchangeable scraper heads in different radius: 3R,6R,10R,13R,17R, which creates variable round shapes.


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✓  Can be used as an angle scraper, glass glue blade, adhesive residue scraper, and seam repair tool.

✓  Easy to use, featuring a sharp end that simply pushes forward and pulls back to clean the redundant caulking agent, making the caulking job a lot easier!


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✓  Very practical, useful, sturdy, and long-lasting.

✓  Easy to repair, quick and convenient.


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Specifications :

Material: plastic & stainless steel

Usage: Home DIY




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Package List :

1* Glass Glue Angle Scraper




Glass Glue Angle Scraper



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