Camouflage Double Eyeglasses Case


Camouflage Double Eyeglasses Case


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Camouflage Double Eyeglasses Case


Want to protect your glasses with a stylish and practical dual-purpose case? This case stores your contact lenses and glasses, making it the perfect solution for keeping your eyewear safe and in one place. This case also has a built-in mirror and can store a nail clipper, small lipstick, tweezer, earphones, or any small item that fits!




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✓ Protect your glasses from scratches and bumps with a stylish and practical case.

✓ Store your contact lenses in the same place for easy access.





✓ Built-in mirror so you don’t have to pack a mini mirror separately!

✓ Perfect for travel as you can pack your small essentials together with your eyewear.

✓ Sturdy and durable design that is made to protect your glasses and last for a long time.


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Item Height: 6.8cm

Item Width: 7.2cm

Material: Metal


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1 x Camouflage Double Eyeglasses Case

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