Bodyshaper High Waist Seamless Thong


Bodyshaper High Waist Seamless Thong


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Bodyshaper High Waist Seamless Thong


 You want to wear your favorite dresses or tight jeans but don’t feel confident about your stomach? This body shaper can help!




Bodyshaper high waist seamless thong can help you get a perfect shape without sacrificing your comfort. With a double-layer wide, thick, and elastic waistband, this tummy body shaper will flatten your belly, help you transform your looks, and uplift your confidence.


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✓ Enjoy skirts, tight dresses, and more with a flattened stomach.

✓ Super high rise with a tiny bit of pressure on the tummy.


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✓ Comfortable full coverage and keeps you warm and firm.

Stretchy waistband sits right at the waist. No rolling or bunching.


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Material: Spandex, nylon

Sizes: S, M, L, XL


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