2 Color Baby Potty Ladder Seat


2 Color Baby Potty Ladder Seat


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2 Color Baby Potty Ladder Seat


It’s potty training time! But where do you start? How do you make it easy and fun for your little one? The answer is this mini ladder seat that attaches to the toilet and makes your toddler feel safe and comfortable. Plus, its anti-splash urine design prevents messes, and the enlarged armrests help your baby remain stable. 




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✓ Foldable, easy and quick to assemble and move.

✓ Suitable for V-shaped, U-shaped and O-shaped toilets.


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✓ Maximum load capacity of 75 kg (165 lbs).

✓ Non-slip rubber pad prevents your child from slipping.


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✓ Wider anti-slip ladder makes it easy for babies to turn around.

✓ Hygienic: 100% Splash Proof and easy to clean.


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Material: plastic

Color: Blue, pink

Size: 38*35*15

Gender: Unisex


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1 x potty training seat

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