UNO Family Fun card game

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Who doesn't love Uno? It's a timeless classic that's still standing strong after all these years. I remember playing this for hours on end when I was a kid, and my husband has similar memories of playing with his siblings and grandmother. Now that our kids are old enough to know numbers, colors and a small amount of strategy (ages 3 and 5) we were excited to add this to our game collection!

There are a few differences from the traditional, classic Uno that I grew up with. I believe all of them are minor improvements that don't really change the game at all. The skip, draw 2 and reverse cards all have symbols instead of letters. Just makes it a little easier for the kiddos to remember what they do (for example a draw 2 has a '+2' on the card instead of a 'D'). Also, there are a few 'blank' wild cards included. These are designed to allow you to create a new kind of wild card. For example, you could write "change hands with the person to your left" on the wild card, and that would become a part of the game. We chose to use them as traditional wilds and didn't add any additional instruction, but it could be a fun twist.

At ages 3 and 5 our kids absolutely love Uno and can play a hand independently with no help from adults. It's great for matching, counting and beginning strategy games. But most of all, it's FUN!! Great quality family time. I'd recommend Uno to absolutely anyone!


  • Maximum Player Number: Unlimited
  • Type: UNO Card
  • Type: Normal
  • Tabletop Game Product: Card Cover
  • Material: Paper
  • Game Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  • Minimum Player Number: 2
  • Item Type: UNO card game poker
  • Function : Family game poker
  • Function 1: Uno Playing cards poker
  • Function 2: Game cards pokers
  • Net Weight: About 176g
  • Card Size: 8.6cm x 5.6 cm (L x W)
  • Package: 1 set family game poker (108pcs cards)

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