Rechargeable 3D Moon Lamp

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A miniature version of the moon that can always sit on your nightstand. This light has been 3D printed to resemble the moon as closely as possible, and it comes in 3 sizes: 10,15 and 20 cm in diameter. 

What is it?
A Moon Night Lamp using 3D printing technology to simulate and completely restore the appearance/shape/glow of moon, and authentically detail 3D lunar moon landscape. It restore the full moon shape and mimic the original moon surface. By sourcing inspiration from the nature, the moon night light brings the most beautiful nature scene into modern life, creating calming, soothing, and healing senses to our homes.

What is it made of?
Luna lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, with recycled non-toxic PLA materials, layer-by-layer stack, restore the real appearance of the moon. The stacked technology also allow moon lamp to be used multi-functionally, strong and not easy to broke.

Key Features:
The moon lamp light color can be switch from a range between YELLOW and WHITE, and you can adjust light brightness as well. Power Supply by USB Charging, so it can be charged mosting anywhere. Allow super long working Time of 12 hours.

How to use in simple words:
Simply touch the switch to change colors and adjust brightness, touch once to switch to white, touch second time to switch to yellow light, and just by adjusting your touch force(hard or soft), you can adjust the moon light brightness.

Where is can be used:
The moon lamp a great use for many occasions: everyday reading lamp, sleep light, atmosphere light, table lamp, charismas gift, thanksgiving gift, Halloween gift, wedding, anniversary, kids night light, indoor&outdoor light and more.


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