Stretchy Stylish Shopping Bag

Original price was: $35.80.Current price is: $17.90.

Stretchy Stylish Shopping Bag

Original price was: $35.80.Current price is: $17.90.

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Stretchy Stylish Shopping Bag


If you don’t want to show up to the grocery store or mall with the same old ratty bag or a bag that just keeps tearing up, this one’s for you! These stylish, stretchable bags are perfect for carrying all your essentials. They are small so no need to fold them when you want to store or carry them! Plus, they come in many different colors to suit your taste — and the summer vibes!


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Order your stretchy bag!

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✓ Stay stylish and put together with a colorful shopping bag.

✓ Small and only stretch when you put your items inside. 


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✓ No need to fold it after usage, it’s naturally folded & compact!

✓ Practical and light but sturdy bag to fit in all your essentials.

✓ It goes with any outfit thanks to its stylish and chic look!


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Main Material: Canvas

Lining Material: Polyester

Size: 1 cm=0.3937 inch

Color: As shown





1 x stretchy bag

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