Self-Adhesive Clothes Tape


Self-Adhesive Clothes Tape


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Self-Adhesive Clothes Tape


Wearing loose and comfy clothes that keep you cool in summer comes with its cons – droopy shirts that reveal your bra when you don’t want it to, and other embarrassing accidents.




With our Invisible Self-Adhesive Clothes Tape, you’ll never have to worry about your shirt slipping down or skirt going up in the wind. The double-sided self-adhesive tape sticks to your skin and clothes and keeps them in place. Stay comfortable everywhere you go, order!


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You can stick it to your blouse and prevent folds between your buttons. 
You can stick it to your skin and stick your top on it to prevent it from slipping down.


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You can stick it to your stocking and stick your skirt to it to prevent it from going up, etc.

The material is safe and comfortable on your skin.


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You can wear it all day, and it easily washes off when you want it to.

✓  It won’t ruin your clothes or compromise your fashion look!


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Materials: PET double-sided tape

Weight: 40G

Size: L: 3.3 × 0.8IN

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Package List:

1 x Self-Adhesive Clothes Tape


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