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Pet Soothing Aromatic Collar

Original price was: $28.35.Current price is: $18.90.

Pet Soothing Aromatic Collar

Original price was: $28.35.Current price is: $18.90.

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Pet Soothing Aromatic CollarIs your pet raging 24/7? In other words, is it anxious, stressed, or scared often? If so, you probably have never heard of the Pet Soothing Aromatic Collar!


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This collar for cats and smaller dogs reduces excessive meowing or barking, scratching and marking, and pacing. This collar mimics those pheromones that mother cats use to calm kittens, and they also work on adult cats and puppies. 


Make your pet’s life calmer and safer. Order now!

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Scientifically proven and safe herbal aromatherapy for pets to keep them calm and happy.

Comfortable and safe, reduces anxiety, and has no long-term side effects.


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Recycled plastic material that lasts for a long time and doesn’t harm your pet’s skin or fur.

Eliminates distressed pet behavior like unwanted scratching, biting, and other forms of hostility.


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Specifications :

Color: purple

Material: recycled plastic

Size: 38cm

Weight: case collar 33.5g



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Package List  :

1* Pet Soothing Aromatic Collar



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