Pepper Seed Picker

Original price was: $22.35.Current price is: $14.90.

Pepper Seed Picker

Original price was: $22.35.Current price is: $14.90.

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Pepper Seed Picker


Finally, you’ll get all those pesky seeds and ribs out of peppers in one quick move — without ripping off the pepper or making a mess!


Pepper Seed Picker


This tool is made from stainless steel, so it’s resistant to rust and heat – meaning your money won’t go to waste. You won’t have any trouble getting rid of food residues thanks to its smooth surfaces. Plus, its hanging hoop design lets you store it conveniently when not in use.


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You’ll quickly cut & remove the seeds and fill peppers with cream, cheese, and more.

The internal teeth on the blade remove cores easily.


Pepper Nucleation Seed Picker7.jpg


Spend less time struggling with dinner preparation.

Get a clean and complete cut of each vegetable.

Store your tools conveniently with the hanging hoop design.


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Material: 304 stainless steel


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1 x seed picker

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