Mega Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent


Mega Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent


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Mega Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent


Forcing a clog through a toilet with a plunger will only make matters worse! This agent will dissolve grease, debris, hair, paper, soap scum, and oils, in a matter of seconds— shooting powerful foaming bubbles up your clogged toilet bowl, kitchen sink, bathroom drain, etc.




Order and watch your drain problems dissolve!

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✓ Save time and money with a powerful pipe dredging agent

✓ Liquefies fats, oils, lint, paper, hair, and other organic matter


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✓ Alters the pH level to rapidly dissolve the obstruction.

✓ Safe: will not pollute the environment and has no corrosive effect on plastics, steel, and other pipes.


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✓ Specifications:

Color: White.


Material: Enzyme


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1 x Mega Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent

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