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Magnetic Spice Jars Bottle Rack


Magnetic Spice Jars Bottle Rack


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Magnetic Spice Jars Bottle Rack


You love spending time in the kitchen, but hate having to search through all your spices to find the one you need. The Magnetic Spice Jars Bottle Rack attaches to your refrigerator or any other metal surface and holds your spices in place with strong magnets. With this rack, you’ll always know where your spices are and you’ll be able to grab them quickly and easily.




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✓ The jars are stylish and compact, making them perfect for any kitchen.

✓ The magnetic backing ensures that they are always within reach.


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✓ The clear labeling makes it easy to find the spice you need.

✓ The jar is made of durable glass, meaning that it can be used time and time again.


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MaterialStainless Steel


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4Pcs – 12Pcs

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