Hand-Held Lemon Juicer

Original price was: $22.35.Current price is: $14.90.

Hand-Held Lemon Juicer

Original price was: $22.35.Current price is: $14.90.

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Hand-Held Lemon Juicer

No more juice dripping all over your hands, countertop, or floor!




This bird-shaped lime squeezer gives you twice the amount of juice you would get with just your hands and zero mess! It’s a super efficient and classy-looking lime squeezer. Just press down and you can pour the juice like pouring tea from a pot!


lemon juicer1.jpg


With the included filter at the bottom of the juicer, you can enjoy a delicious glass full of orange, lemon, or even watermelon juice with no pulp and almost zero melon seeds! Get your


Get your lemon squeezer, enjoy the juice!

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The juicer is made of durable materials and it is easy to clean.

It has a non-slip base and fits most size lemons.


lemon juicer5.jpg


You can use it for different types of fruits.

It is small and lightweight, and portable: perfect for campers!


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Net weight:53g


Material: PMMA


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1 x lemon juicer

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