Foldable Pot Pad

Original price was: $26.85.Current price is: $17.90.

Foldable Pot Pad

Original price was: $26.85.Current price is: $17.90.

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Foldable Pot Pad


Worried about your dining table or tablecloth getting singed or scarred from hot pots and pans? Make it a point to have at least one Foldable Pot Pad! This pad is heat-resistant and wear-resistant, protecting your table and keeping your pans, pots, or plates balanced and safe.




The pad is easily foldable and space-saving, suitable for multiple uses, from restaurants, kitchens, parties, baking rooms, etc.

Keep your tables and dishes organized, order one!

flodable pot holder13.jpg


Protect your table from heat and scratches.

Foldable and lightweight for easy storage.


flodable pot holder2.jpg



✓  Made of high quality, durable material.

Suitable for a variety of occasions.


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Material: ABS electroplating

Process: Machine Press

Colour: Black

Style: folding storage


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Package List:

1 x Foldable Pot Pad




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