Crystal Sun Catcher Pendant

Original price was: $57.80.Current price is: $28.90.

Crystal Sun Catcher Pendant

Original price was: $57.80.Current price is: $28.90.

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Crystal Sun Catcher Pendant


You’ve heard of dream catchers but have you ever experienced the magic of sun catchers? This crystal suncatcher is fascinating to watch. The way the crystals gleam under the sun and the colorful light dances around the room is mesmerizing, and it’s a great way to add some color and life to any space.




This suncatcher can also be a beautiful gift for a friend, family, or significant other.

Get your own sun catcher!


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✓ The ornament is made of K9 crystal, which has superior cutting technology and a flawless finish with great refraction effects.

✓ The product is incredibly durable and will hardly become cloudy or lose its luster over time.




✓ As a sun catcher hanging on the window, this ornament produces beautiful reflections in natural light.

✓ Perfect gift choice, very suitable for any gift-giving occasion. Best gift for mom and your lover, wife, fiancee and girlfriend.





Length: 385mm

Main body: 225mm

Chain: 160mm

Material: K9 crystal


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1 x Crystal Sun Catcher Pendant

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