Anti-Stress Fidget Spinner Pen


Anti-Stress Fidget Spinner Pen


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Anti-Stress Fidget Spinner Pen

You know that feeling when you unconsciously spin your pen and get this inexplicable feeling of satisfaction? That’s called stress relief! Now imagine spinning a pen that’s specially made for that!


Anti-Stress Fidget Spinner Pen


When you twirl the Fidget Spinner Pen, it turns into a mini tornado that sucks out all the anxiety and stress from your system! This is both a real pen and a fidget spinner that helps you:


Get your fidget spinner (6 left in stock)!

fidget spinner pen13.jpg


Focus better, get inspired, relieve anxiety and stress.

Use the pen to write and get better ideas at work or school!


fidget spinner pen14.jpg


Sturdy anti-corrosion pen that lasts for a long time.

Sleek and polished, looks fancy & you won’t be able to put it down!


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Material: Metal

Color: Red/Silver / Blue/grey/ Rose gold/ gold





1 x fidget spinner pen

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