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Anti-Scratch Cat Shield


Anti-Scratch Cat Shield


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Anti-Scratch Cat Shield

Cats are the sweetest, most unique pets you could ever own, but they have a habit that our furniture (and our hearts) can’t handle! Scratching tough surfaces is a necessity for cats because it’s their way to remove the outer sheaths of their nails, but that can cost you your favorite couch!

Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield - Best Price on Bizzoby

If you have a cat, then you must also have the Anti-Scratch Cat Shield! It’s the best way to keep your furry friend away from your furniture and train it to never do it. As soon as your cat realizes that surface is no good for scratching, it will never do it again. The Cat Scratching Guard is transparent, invisible, tear-resistant, and completely safe for your sofa! Just stick it in and remove it whenever you want.

Love your cats unconditionally while protecting your furniture from their claws with the Anti-Scratch Cat Shield!

Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield – Lolovee

The anti-scratch cat shield will protect your furniture from being scratched by your cats.

Invisible & transparent material that can easily blend with your interior decoration.

Flexible, non-toxic & durable material that is thick enough to handle the cat claws.

Anti-Scratch Cat Shield

Safe& tear-resistant to not cause any damage on the surface of your furniture or visible marks.

Easy to install & remove, just stick the adhesive pad where you want protection and use the twist pins for extra assurance.

Anti-Scratch Cat Shield

Specifications :

Product Name: Cat Scratching Guard

Material: PVC

Pack Optional: 2/4/6pcs

Size Optional: S(39*14cm), M(47*15cm), L(30*45cm)

Twist Pins Quantity: 10pcs

Anti-Scratch Cat Shield

Package List :

2pcs/ 4pcs * Cat scratching guard

10pcs/ 20pcs* Twist pins

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Anti-Scratch Cat Shield



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