Adjustable Multifunctional Bottle Opener


Adjustable Multifunctional Bottle Opener


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Adjustable Multifunctional Bottle Opener


It’s summer, and you’ll need a cold drink here and there! Trying to open a beer bottle with just your hands (or worse, your teeth! ouch!) can be frustrating and often unsuccessful.




Our Stainless Steel Multifunctional Beer Bottle Opener is the perfect option. This portable tool can open various jars and bottles of different sizes, so you’ll always be able to open your favorite beverage. It’s adjustable, easy to store and takes up a small space in the kitchen drawer!


Order yours and enjoy a drink anywhere!

Adjustable Can Opener10.jpg


✓ Easily open stubborn can lids with a simple twist wherever you go.

✓ Adjust the bottle opener to the size of the jar or bottle.


Adjustable Can Opener8.jpg


✓ Multiple sizes to fit various jars and bottles; you can easily open a beer or soda bottle.

✓ Space-saving: easy to store and takes up a small space in the kitchen drawer (there’s a hanging hole on one side of the corkscrew).

Sturdy and durable-The all-metal structure is stronger and more durable than other corkscrews on the market.


Adjustable Can Opener5.jpg



Weight: 98 grams

Material: iron plated tweezers + white spray paint

Color: White

Size: 19.8*1.9*2cm


Adjustable Can Opener2.jpg



1 x bottle opener

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