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5 in 1 Zero Mess Hanger

Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $18.90.

5 in 1 Zero Mess Hanger

Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $18.90.

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5 in 1 Zero Mess Hanger


We’ve all dealt with that cursed “clothes chair.” You know, the chair that keeps forming a pile of clothes every day! Your life will feel less messy once you start using the 5 in 1 Zero Mess Hanger!




This hanger or rack can hold up to five pairs of pants, T-shirts, scarves, or any items that fit, saving space in your closet and saving your chairs from mountains of clothes! Plus, it’s sturdy, rustproof, and compact.


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✓  A multifunctional 5 layer rack that is suitable for hanging pants, trousers, ties, clothes, skirts, scarves, etc.

✓  Anti Slip with a cap at the end of every rod; the hanger will prevent your pants from slipping off.


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✓  Adjustable rod: it can be pulled out easily, making changing your pants more convenient than ever.

✓  Durable, metallic, rust-resistant, and space-saving rack.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: stainless steel+PP

Product category: pants rack

material: plastic


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✓  Package List: :

1* 5 in 1 Zero Mess Hanger



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