Tinimini Toothbrush Holder_0006_elektryczny-uchwyt-na-szczoteczki-do-zeb_main-5 copy.jpg

Tinimini Toothbrush Holder

Original price was: $14.85.Current price is: $9.90.

Tinimini Toothbrush Holder

Original price was: $14.85.Current price is: $9.90.

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Tinimini Toothbrush Holder


Do you still leave your toothbrush lying around? Does your toothbrush end up more soaked than when you actually use it? Congrats, your water-stained toothbrush is now a germ-magnet! But it won’t be for long if you use the Tinimini Toothbrush Holder. 


1PC Toothbrush Holder Creative Traceless Electric Toothbrush Holder Wall-Mounted Space-saving Bathroom Storage Accessories


It’s a mini, traceless holder for electric toothbrushes that keeps your toothbrush dry and clean, and takes up no space. It’s simple, practical, and suitable for many walls. 


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✓  Traceless adhesive to keep your walls clean and scratched or damaged.

✓  Suitable for many wall surfaces, including marble, glass, smooth tile, metal panel, etc.


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✓  Firm grip & free closing fan blades; it won’t slip off the wall or drop your toothbrush.

✓  Easy to stick to the wall gently; just clean the surface from dust beforehand.


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✓  Adjustable tension; it adjusts to the size of the toothbrush.

✓  Large opening design that quickly drains water drops to keep the toothbrush clean.

✓  Wear-resistant, durable ABS material that lasts for a long time.


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✓  Specifications :

Color: White

Material: EngineeringABS material

Size: 85*70*40mm


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✓  Package List: :

1* Tinimini Toothbrush Holder



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