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Teddy Bear Carpet


Teddy Bear Carpet


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Teddy Bear Carpet


Looking to add a little warmth to your home? Start by furnishing your floor with these warm, fuzzy, and cute teddy bear carpets.


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This carpet is soft and cozy, so you can place it at the side of your bed, in the bathroom, the kids’ bedroom, living room, or any space you prefer. Your kids can use it for playtime and you can also rest your feet on it while working at your desk.


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Steady anti-skid carpet that you can place on your bathroom floor or any floor and feel safe stepping on it!

High-quality fuzzy carpet with a thick front and back that keeps you and your kids warm during playtime!


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Comfortable and plush so you can even sit on it if you like relaxing on the floor!

Cute teddy bear design & different colors to match the color of your furniture or your kids’ room.


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Specifications :

Material: 100% Polyester

Color: as shown


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Package List  :

1* Teddy Bear Carpet



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