Super Absorbent Fluffy Pet Bathrobe


Super Absorbent Fluffy Pet Bathrobe


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Super Absorbent Fluffy Pet Bathrobe


What your dog wants you to know: “Please! I need a warm and fluffy towel that dries me fast after a bath, cuz I hate shivering!”




Well, now you know why you should get the Super absorbent towel made especially for pets, helping you dry your dog or cat quickly and protect them from the cold after a bath or a swim. This towel is very soft and comfortable too, there’s no way your pets won’t swoon after you wrap it around them!


Don’t let your dog get sick, get yours now (only 5 left in stock).

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Keep your pet warm and dry.

Two ways of wearing the collar for a perfect fit.


pet bath rope7.jpg


Reusable and easy to wash and store.

Show your pet how much you care with a soft, comfortable robe.

Keep them safe and healthy during cold weather.


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Material: Polyester

XS, S, M, L, XL


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1 x Super Absorbent Fluffy Pet Bathrobe

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