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Needle Threader

Original price was: $12.59.Current price is: $9.99.

Needle Threader

Original price was: $12.59.Current price is: $9.99.

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Needle Threader


Do you ever get lazy to thread or sew something just because you have a hard time trying to insert the thread in the needle? We know how annoying that can be! This Needle Threader will make sewing much easier and more fun!


Needle Threader


The Needle Threader will help you pass the thread through the needle smoothly when there is poor light or vision!

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 Powerful Function: When inserting the needle, it holds the needle in place to prevent it from falling to the ground when changing the needle.

 Applicable type: Suitable for all kinds of household sewing machines, which can help you change thread quickly. They are also suitable for ordinary needles or some old sewing machines.


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 Good helper: The Needle Threader will be a good helper for your sewing work. It can help you to thread automatically in case of insufficient light and prevent the loss of vision. It can fix the needle stably for easy insertion and removal from the machine, which is very suitable for threading.

 Reliable material: The needle inserting device of this machine is made of high-quality plastic and metal, which is firm, wear-resistant, durable, and not easy to break, ensuring a long-term use.


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 Appropriate size: The length of each Needle Threader is about 3.1cm, and the appropriate size is easy to operate. It’s easy to put it in your sewing bag.

 Operation mode: Point the needle to the fish mouth, slide into the needle eye, hook the hook on the fish mouth, open the fish mouth, and be accomplished.


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Material: ABS

Color: Green

Style: Modern and simple


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 Package List:

3*Needle Threaders


Needle Threader

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