Smart Compress Knee Massager



You’re probably like most people; you have a job, a family, and other obligations that keep you busy. When do you have time to relax your stiff joints?



The Smart Compress Knee Massager is the solution. It’s designed to help relieve stiffness and joint pain in your knees and elbows through vibration therapy. Plus, it comes with infrared laser therapy which can help rejuvenate your tired muscles! 


Make your knees and elbows strong again, order!

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It’s a 4 in 1 massager

It combines vibration, heating, infrared and laser therapy to provide relief for the knees, draining their effusion and rejuvenating them.


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It promotes blood circulation

The dual light sources can reach deep layers of the knee & elbow to promote blood circulation, relieve stiffness, and increase vitality.


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It’s a uniform hot compress

Can generate uniform heat to activate multiple key joint nodes and dispel coldness, thus achieving a comprehensive effect.


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High-frequency vibration

Can simulate human massages by performing an all-round massage to the knees to release pressure.


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Very practical & easy

It features an enlarged LED screen, wireless design, 100% knee fitting contour, Type-C port, adjustable velcro, and explicit indicator.



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💎 Specifications:

Color: White

Rated Voltage:3.7V

Input Current:DC 5V=2A

Battery Capacity:3000mAh

Charging Time:3-4Hours

Continuous working time:1-2Hours



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💎 Package List:

1 x Smart Compress Knee Massager


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