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Magnifying LED Repair Glasses


Magnifying LED Repair Glasses


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Magnifying LED Repair Glasses


Force your reading time, home repairs, and small business DIYs to give you less burnout and more comfort & satisfaction.




Put on the Magnifying LED Repair Glasses that make words and small items look bigger and problems smaller!


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✓  Clarity & 1.6x Magnification so you can repair small items, make DIYs like embroider, and read books or small words on pages with ease.

 Comfort & Ease: The powerful LED light emanating from the front of the frames shed a bright light on any item you’re working on while surrounded by dim lights.


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✓ hands-free experience; no need for you to hold a torch or magnifier, these glasses are your torch & magnifier.

✓ Longevity & eye protection: These are premium, flexible, quality glasses with frames, that work to relieve & prevent eye fatigue.


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Material: ABS.

Weight: 41g / 110g

Size: 14.5 * 16.3cm

Single pair of glasses: 140g


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1* Magnifying LED Repair Glasses




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