Keyboard Earphone Cleaning Kit


Keyboard Earphone Cleaning Kit


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Keyboard Earphone Cleaning Kit


You know that your earphones and your computer or laptop keyboard can easily get very dirty and become a hotspot for germs and viruses! So do you at least clean them once in a while?




If cleaning your devices makes you lazy it means that you don’t have the right equipment — as in, the Keyboard Earphone Cleaning Kit. This kit with nylon bristles, flocking sponge, high-density brush, metal pen tip, keycap puller, and dual head will work to reach difficult areas and make your tech devices spotless!


Order your kit and live germ-free!



Separated Dual Head Design with a sponge, bristles, brush, and metal pen to clean your earphones, between keyboard keys, etc.

Soft Brush Does Not Hurt Keyboard: nylon brush with moderate softness and hardness, three-row design with high elasticity.


3 in 1 cleaning brush_0018_img_2_Keyboard_Cleaning_Brush_Computer_Earphon.jpg


Easy To Use with key puller to clean between keys and remove keycaps to clean more thoroughly.

4 Cleaning Heads, multi-purpose, deep cleaning dust and stains from keyboard and more.


3 in 1 cleaning brush_0008_Layer 5.jpg

Specifications :

Material: ABS+nylon

Size: 150×80×28mm

Color: Red, White


3 in 1 cleaning brush_0000_3.1inch.jpg


Package List :

Keyboard Earphone Cleaning Kit



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