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Cordless Garden Trimmer

Original price was: $104.98.Current price is: $69.99.

Cordless Garden Trimmer

Original price was: $104.98.Current price is: $69.99.

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Cordless Garden TrimmerDo you have a garden, yard, or courtyard that needs maintenance all the time? Save the money you spend on the gardener and do the job yourself with the same efficiency using our Cordless Garden Trimmer.


Cordless Garden Trimmer


The Cordless Garden Trimmer is designed for quick and easy trimming and the ability to cut through the toughest weeds to provide professional-looking results! This Garden Trimmer comes with the appropriate safety features for worry-free trimming, anyone can use without any expected problems. It’s very convenient, cordless, and with two different blades for an efficient trim!

Cordless Garden Trimmer


Handy & efficient garden trimmer that can also mow the lawn with ease.

2 different, removable heads to trim bushes differently.


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Built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 45minutes of runtime and it doesn’t discharge by itself when not used.

Low noise operation to not annoy the neighbors or your family.


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Ergonomic design & comfortable, soft grip that will let you use comfortably and safely.

Cordless & lightweight to help you trim your own garden whenever you want.


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Specifications :

Voltage: 3.6Vdc

Battery: Li-ion

Battery capacity: 1.3Ah

No-load speed: 1000rpm

Cutting length of trimmer: 120mm

Cutting width of shear: 80mm


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Package List :

1* Cordless garden trimmer

2* Blades

1* Type C charger

1* Battery



Cordless Garden Trimmer



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