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Collapsible Salad Spinner Colander


Collapsible Salad Spinner Colander


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Collapsible Salad Spinner Colander


Your kitchen counter and floor still turn into puddles every time you dry your salad? NO MORE SPLASH with this spinning colander! Keep your countertops dry and avoid splashing water everywhere — The salad spinner fits perfectly into the sink when you want to give it a spin, keeping the water where it’s meant to be. You’ll dry your salad fast and drain your pasta without trouble!


Collapsible Salad Spinner Colander


Hurry and get yours. Running out due to high demand.

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No more shaking or drip-drying your salad leaves.

The pump-action handle rotates the spinning colander, drying your produce in seconds.


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Be able to quickly and easily dry your salad leaves.

Keep your countertops dry and avoid splashing water everywhere.



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The non-slip foot will keep your spinner in place.

The lettuce spinner basket is designed to keep your food inside.

Stop your food from flying all over the kitchen.


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Color: white+ green

Material: Plastic


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1 x Spinning Colander


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