Cleaning Silicone Handle Dish Brush


Cleaning Silicone Handle Dish Brush


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Cleaning Silicone Handle Dish Brush


Do you struggle while cleaning dishes because of weak dish sponges or brushes? This brush comes with a handle that dispenses soap to make washing dishes easier! The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and has a long handle for getting into tight spaces. Plus, it comes with 3 different types of brush heads to get your dishes squeaky clean in no time!




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✓ Multi-function pan brush: TPR silicone material, non-stick pan special brush head, not easy to deformation, durable, does not hurt hands and effectively protect the bottom of the pot, is the ideal kitchen cleaning tool.

✓ Top scraper design: The top of the pot brush is equipped with a strong scraper, easy to scrape the bottom of the pot stubborn and difficult to clean the food residue, suitable for stubborn stains that are not easy to clean.


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✓ With detergent: Add detergent at the bottom of the kitchen brush, super capacity, and rotate the bottom button to add detergent. No matter how placed, a silicone valve can prevent dish soap leakage.

Comfortable silicone handle: Soft and elastic silicone button, easy to press automatic liquid, super long handle, free hands; Hanging hole design, convenient storage and save space, mildew proof moistureproof, reduce the breeding of bacteria.


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Material: Silicone

Color: As shown


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1 x dish brush

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