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Car Sill Sticker

$33.80 $16.90

Car Sill Sticker

$33.80 $16.90

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Car Sill Sticker

You should protect your car from scratches and bumps at all costs, especially when it’s new or freshly painted. Since you can’t control everyone that comes close to your car, you can add a protection cover to guarantee it.

Introducing the Car Sill Sticker, your perfect solution to keep the car safe from all scratches! Just peel and stick it where the damage often happens, like the doors due to the constant coming in and out! The best part? This Car Sill Sticker will add a beautiful and attractive look to your vehicle, regardless of its brand or shape!

Give your car the protection it deserves Today!

The car sill sticker will ensure the safety of your car doors from any scratch.

Waterproof, fireproof, anti-scratch & wear-resistant for efficient protection.

Removable & safe for the pain of your vehicle.

Multifunctional stickers that can also protect other items, like your keyboard, drawers, etc.

Universal sticker that can be applied to all types and shapes of vehicles.

Built-in adhesive tape on the back of the sticker, just peel and stick.

Fashionable, unique & attractive décor for your car.

Specifications :

Material: Carbon Fiber
Size: 60cmx2pcs, 2pcs 40cm
Width: 7.5cm
Color: black

Package List :

4* Car carbon stickers

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Car Sill Sticker



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