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Bike Trainer


Bike Trainer


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Bike Trainer

Conquer Laziness & Exercise With Your Family At Home! 

Too lazy to go to the gym? Or can’t go out because of the current situation? You can’t just sit day and night and expect to have no body aches or spider veins, or worse, serious health problems like heart disease.

The Bike Trainer will save you and your family from a sedentary lifestyle, helping you improve blood circulation, burn calories, tone your body, and maintain healthy joints & feet, all while in the comfort of your home!

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 Top-notch Exercise Bike Quality

Our Bike Trainer is made of sturdy & stable 25mm diameter steel pipe & chrome-plated bracket that bears up to 100kg. 



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Compact & Easy To Install

Thanks to its compact size, you can easily install it and use it around tables or chairs, without taking up too much space.

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Easy To Adjust (manually)

Its tightness adjustment and pedal rotation resistance features allow you to exercise more effectively and comfortably.

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Use It Anywhere

You can exercise anywhere indoors; the living room, the bedroom, office, etc.

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Save Money

For such a professional quality, this bike trainer is considerably affordable and you can actually save money!

Bike Trainer


You can use plastic spray & electroplating to treat the Bike Trainer’s surface in case of corrosion or wear.



Color: White & Black

Material: Steel pipe

Load-bearing: 100KG

Surface treatment: Plastic spray + electroplating

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Package list :

1* Exercise Pedal

1* Set of Installation Kit


Bike Trainer



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