5pcs Funzie Honeycomb Molds


5pcs Funzie Honeycomb Molds


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Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, you will enjoy making some quick and delicious honeycomb cakes or cookies with the 5Pcs Funzie Honeycomb Molds!  

These molds allow you to make an umbrella, star, circle, or triangle shape in seconds so you might as well try them with your friends or kids!




The molds are made of food-grade stainless steel so you can safely bake your honeycomb and snack on them!

Order the 5Pcs Funzie Honeycomb Molds and have some funnies!

Squid Game Honeycomb Molds_0008_Layer 1.jpg


✓  5 pieces stainless steel molds of 5 different shapes; Triangle, Umbrella, Circle, five-pointed Star to eat your cakes in different ways!

✓ Safe & reusable molds to keep making cookies and honeycomb cake for a long time!


Squid Game Honeycomb Molds_0009_img_0_5PCS_Same_Style_Umbrella_Confectionery_C.jpg


✓  Perfect for Halloween pastries to serve to friends or make them make the cakes themselves!

✓  Easy to use, just frame and press the desired shape, and there you have it!


Squid Game Honeycomb Molds_0010_Layer 6.jpg



Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Size: As shown

Product Pattern: Round, Triangle, Square, Five-pointed Star, Umbrella


Squid Game Honeycomb Molds_0012_Layer 4.jpg


✓  Package List: :

5pcs* Funzie Honeycomb Molds




5pcs Funzie Honeycomb Molds

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