5 Modes Cordless Neck Massager

Original price was: $43.35.Current price is: $28.90.

5 Modes Cordless Neck Massager

Original price was: $43.35.Current price is: $28.90.

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5 Modes Cordless Neck Massager


Are you often struggling with neck pain, stiffness and fatigue? Try the 5 Modes Cordless Neck Massager. This massager uses five types of massage, nine levels of intensity, and a 56° constant hot temperature compress to relieve neck pain and improve your quality of life. Plus, it’s super portable and lightweight to carry with you anywhere – no cords, no complications! Order your pain relief!


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✓ 5 Modes: kneading mode, hammer mode, acupuncture mode, Tuina mode, and automatic combination mode.

✓ Relieve neck pain and tension with nine levels of strength and a hot compress.


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✓ Portable and lightweight design to take anywhere.

✓ Relieve neck pain and neck problems causing headaches.


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Material: shell ABS PC+silica gel, electrode sheet 304 stainless steel

Strength gear: 15 grades of massage strength

Net weight: 60g

Heating temperature: low-grade (37-39℃) middle-grade (39-41℃) high-grade (41-43℃)

Pulse width: 30~80uS

Color: Pearl White

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Rated input: DC/5V

Maximum power: 5W

Quiescent current: <100uA

Working temperature: 5℃—50℃

Working humidity: relative humidity ≤95%

Product size: 44*54*18mm

Net weight/Gross weight: 60g / 200g


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✓ Package List:

1 x  5 Modes Cordless Neck Massager


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