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3D Ethereal Cartoon Lights

Original price was: $73.80.Current price is: $36.90.

3D Ethereal Cartoon Lights

Original price was: $73.80.Current price is: $36.90.

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3D Ethereal Cartoon Lights


Do the lights in your bedroom or kids’ bedroom feel dull and uninteresting? Opt for the 3D Ethereal Cartoon Lights to make the mood in your house more peaceful and dreamy.




These lamps come in different and unique designs, including a Ferries Wheel, Pegasus, Love Bear, Sika Deer, Cupid Arrow Through Hearts, and Balloon Love confession lamp! They’re USB and battery rechargeable, touch-controlled, and change into three colors! 


Order your ethereal lights now!

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Eco-friendly material that is also safe for kids and adults alike.

Touch-controlled dreamy lights, perfect for kids’ bedroom, office, living room, etc.


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3D ethereal effect that makes them a great gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day, birthday, etc.

Two ways of charging; USB cable (included) or 3*AA battery (not included) to use anytime.


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Specifications :

Base material: ABS

Shade material: Acrylic

Colors: As shown

Voltage: ≤36V

Dimensions: 210*110 (mm)


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Package List :

1* ethereal lamp

1* USB cable



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