2Pcs Washing Machine Hair Filter


2Pcs Washing Machine Hair Filter


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2Pcs Washing Machine Hair Filter


Not only is it important to keep your washing machine filters clean to protect your appliance, but it’s also important to protect your clothes. The Washing Machine Hair Filter is the perfect solution. This filter catches excess hair and debris before it has a chance to damage your machine or clothes. It’s made of high-quality materials and is reusable.




Order one and keep hair from damaging your washer or sticking to your favorite fits!

hair catcher4.jpg


✓ Made of foam, nylon and plastic; They are high-quality and reusable, tapered mesh bags with a fine mesh design, which can collect sundries, debris, and hair easily.

✓ Easy to use and clean: they will float right on the top of your washing machine; and they are easy to clean.

✓ They easily float on water and won’t damage your washer or clothes.


hair catcher10.jpg



Material: PP polyester

Color: as shown


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2 Pcs x filter


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