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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Are you still using headphones with wires? Aren’t you tired of them being super-inconvenient, especially when you work out? It’s time to upgrade your life and start using wireless headphones to experience the joy of freedom!!


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The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are smartly designed to keep your ears comfortable, provide the highest sound quality, and be extremely durable to use them for as long as you want! The Wireless Earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 for stable transmission, and waterproof/sweat-proof material to wear during any circumstance. Also, with one single touch, you will control The Wireless Earbuds, and that’s the dream!


Hop on with us into greater technology and get The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds today!

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✓  The wireless Bluetooth earbuds adopt the Bluetooth 5.0 chip for stable transmission and quick pairing.

✓  Smart design that allows you to control with one fingerprint touch to easily operate.

✓  Super large capacity charging compartment that provides long battery life up to 30h.


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✓  High-sound quality & built-in microphone to have the best experience listening to music and to have clear phone calls.

✓  Waterproof & sweat-proof material to provide great durability.

✓  LED power display to always be aware of the power level.

✓  Lightweight with an ergonomic design that will not hurt your ears and very comfortable to wear, even after long time usage.


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✓  Specifications :

Name: Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Transmission Range: 10 Meters

Battery Capacity: 400 MA Headphone

Battery Capacity: 40 MA

Charging Compartment 

Size: 31*50mm

Headphone Charging Time: 0.5H

Listening Time: 30H

Standby Time: 50H


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✓  Package List :

2* Bluetooth Headset

1* Charging Compartment

1* Data Cable

1* Manual


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds




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