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Water Saving Kitchen Faucet Aerator


Water Saving Kitchen Faucet Aerator


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Water Saving Kitchen Faucet Aerator


Did you know that you could save so much more water and spend a bit less on bills with the right faucet equipment? Our water-saving kitchen faucet aerator nozzle can help! It increases the water pressure so you won’t have to run water for a long time. It is also flexible so you can clean all the nooks and crannies of your dishes & blast away all the dirt and grime from your sink in no time.



Just screw on the kitchen faucet aerator nozzle and enjoy a clean sink!


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✓ Increases water pressure & prevents waste of water – No more struggling with a weak stream of water to clean your dishes.

✓ Flexible design- The flexible neck allows you to reach all the tight spots on your dishes and sink for a thorough clean.

✓ Durable construction- Made with high quality materials, our kitchen faucet aerator nozzle is built to last.


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Material: Plastic


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1 x aerator with hose

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