Transparent Anti-slip Floor Stickers

Original price was: $22.35.Current price is: $14.90.

Transparent Anti-slip Floor Stickers

Original price was: $22.35.Current price is: $14.90.

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Transparent Anti-slip Floor Stickers


Bathtubs, showers, stairs, and the rest of your home should be a safe haven for you, not an accident waiting to happen! With our Transparent Anti-slip Floor Stickers, you can walk safely on the slippery floors of your bathroom, wet shower area, stairs, doorway, or kitchen without risking slip-and-falls.




The sticker’s material also lets you and your family navigate safely when cleaning around the house. Plus, if you have a toddler learning to walk, the stickers will both protect and entertain them!


Order your anti-slip stickers – feel safe in your own space!

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24 sticker pieces that prevent slips and falls.

Transparent stickers that won’t compromise the look of your floors.


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Easy to use: peel and stick.

Durable, non-toxic EVA material & strong adhesive layer.

Safely used on any indoor surface, including fiberglass, acrylic, tile, and more.


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Material: EVA.

Size: 2 x 20cm.

Color: Transparent


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Package List:

24pcs x Transparent Anti-slip Floor Stickers




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