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Super Non-Slip Absorbent Mat


Super Non-Slip Absorbent Mat


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Super Non-Slip Absorbent MatThere are two types of adults, those who have an absorbent mat and those who wipe their bathroom floor every time after a shower!


Super Non-Slip Absorbent Mat


If you want to keep the floor of your kitchen or doorways (especially on rainy days) clean and dry, and want your post-shower feet to touch a surface that won’t make you slip and fall, use the Super Non-Slip Absorbent Mat. It is fast-drying & highly absorbent so it’s low-maintenance, and can be used anywhere in your house.


Make floors less slippery, order now!

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The highly absorbent foam layer won’t let moisture accumulate, it will keep the mat and your floor dry.

It feels soft and nice under your feet and it definitely won’t slip thanks to the firm, non-slip rubber.


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There is no room for mold and allergies as it evaporates moisture quickly.

It’s easy to clean (hand wash or machine wash) and dry so it won’t require too much of your time on lazy Sundays.


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The modern and high-quality design makes it worthy of a spot in the kitchen, bathroom, doorway on rainy days, and even bedroom entrance.

Available in oval and square design.


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Specifications :

Material: Polyester (polyester fiber)

Color: As shown in images

Sizes: 40x60cm/ 50x80cm

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Package List :

1* Super Non-Slip Absorbent Mat


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