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Self-Heating Knee Pads


Self-Heating Knee Pads


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Self-Heating Knee PadsHave you tried countless medications and creams for your knee pain and still not getting the result you need? Knee pain is hard and can get in the way of life.


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The solution? This self-heating Knee Pad will put an end to your painful knees and give your knee all the support and protection needed to reduce and ease the pain. It’s also very comfortable to wear and made of quality material that will not irritate your skin or cause any undesired allergies.

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✓  Made of breathable & high-quality material, it’s comfortable to wear, skin-friendly, suitable for all seasons, and will not cause any skin irritation.

✓  Comfortable To Wear self-heating pad with high elasticity. You can easily & conveniently put it on and take it off whenever needed.

✓  Self-heating material improves your blood circulation, boosts your immunity, enhances your metabolism, and relieves pain!


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✓  Ergonomically designed brace can wrap your knees roundly with a better warming effect.

✓  3 size variations are available for options to widely suit with a custom fit.

✓  Relieves local physical fatigue, pain, and swelling.


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✓  Protects your knee and provide it with all the support needed during daily activities and health care!

✓  Highly recommended for people who suffer from joint stiffness or muscle ache due to heavy work, bad weather, incorrect posture, or improper sports

✓  A great gift for your parents, friends, or yourself.


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✓  Specifications :

Item Type: Self-heating Knee Pads

Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality

Material: Polyester Fiber

Color: Black(As Picture Shown)

Size: M/L/XL(Optional)

Size:  Length Calf Circumference

M 46cm 35-41cm(13.7-16.1inch)

L 46cm 41-47cm(16.1-18.5inch)

XL 46cm 47-55cm(18.5-21.6inch)

Quantity: 2Pcs/Pair



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✓  Package List :

1* Pair of Self-heating Knee Support Brace


Self-Heating Knee Pads



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