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RetroTwist Deft Bun

Original price was: $29.80.Current price is: $14.90.

RetroTwist Deft Bun

Original price was: $29.80.Current price is: $14.90.

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RetroTwist Deft BunHmm…Aren’t you bored of the same hairstyles? Do you want to try something new this summer? Or do you just want to save a bad hair day?! Why not add a vintage twist to your hair and look?!


RetroTwist Deft Bun


Slip your mane into our RetroTwist Deft Bun that adds volume, style, and class to your hair and enhances your daily look. From twists, buns, and ponytails to braids and updos, this Deft Bun’s versatile design turns a bad hair day to perfection!


Make your hair and ultimately your day with our RetroTwist Deft Bun!

RetroTwist Deft Bun


✓ French Retro style that is perfect for different styles from ponytails to buns.

✓  Suitable for casual and classy outfits, and for all seasons but especially spring and summer!


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✓  Versatile soft cotton material that is easy to twist however you like for the hairstyle you want.

✓  Suitable for thick and fine hair; it won’t ruin your hair even more on bad hair days!


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✓  Absorbs water and sweat & has strong abrasion resistance.

✓  Washable & durable and you can flat-dry it without worry!


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✓  Easy to carry or tie around your wrist or slip into your pocket anywhere, anytime.

✓  Comes in various colors to suit your outfits and mood!


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Cotton

Color: As shown in images


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✓  Package list  :

1* RetroTwist Deft Bun



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