Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Lighter


Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Lighter


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Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Lighter


Traditional lighters can be a fire hazard, and they’re not allowed in some places. If you love the convenience of a lighter but also like to be practical, the Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Lighter is for you.


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This high-quality zinc-alloy lighter looks sleek and has a powerful battery. It’s flameless, windproof and very safe to use. It’s practical for campers and travelers, too. All you need is a USB cable and port to charge it!


Get yourself a cooler lighter!

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Eliminate the need for matches or lighters

✓  Powerful battery that lasts longer than traditional electronic lighters


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✓  Compact, portable and stylish design

✓  No more worries about inopportune winds blowing out the flame


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Material: zinc alloy

Windproof function

USB lighter charged usage: for cigarettes

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours


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Package List:

1 x Rechargeable Electronic cigarette lighter



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