PU Leather Car Seat Covers


PU Leather Car Seat Covers


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PU Leather Car Seat Covers


Are your car seats chipped, scratched, or torn? Car seat renovations can be quite pricey, so the most affordable and fastest solution is the PU Leather Car Seat Covers that not only protect your car seats from damage but also keep you comfortable during long drives.


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These covers’ ergonomic design allows them to fit any car seat. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-radiation, anti-odor, anti-fade, durable, and very smooth.

Order and dress up your car seats not just for looks but for comfort too.


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✓  Keep you cool and comfortable while driving.

✓  Protect your car seats from wear and tear.


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✓  Eliminate bad odors and protect you from harmful radiation.

✓  Make your car look good and clean!





Color: As shown

Material: PU leather

Type: front single seat cover, rear seat cover

Cleaning way: dry cleaning or washing agent

Size:Front seat cover:50*50cm

Rear seat cover:49*133cm


pu leather car seat cover5.jpg



✓  Package List:

1* piece car seat cover (Front seat or back seat)



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