Pet Groomer Hair Removal Brush


Pet Groomer Hair Removal Brush


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Pet Groomer Hair Removal Brush


Tired of constantly having to clean up pet hair all over your house? Then this is the perfect solution for you: The Pet Groomer Hair Removal Brush not only helps remove hair, but also massages your pet and helps to reduce knots. The brush also helps you brush off hair from your carpets and rugs and keep your home allergen-free!




Get your pet hair groomer/remover!

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✓  It’s portable and can be hung in your bathroom too!

✓  It’s easy to use, effectively removing floating hair from carpets and combing your pet’s hair.

✓  It gently combes your cat and dog’s hair while also massaging them.


3 in 1 pet brush7.jpg



Size: as shown

Material: ABS.

Suitable for: dogs and cats


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1 x pet groomer brush

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