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Orthopedic Foot Correction Insole


Orthopedic Foot Correction Insole


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Orthopedic Foot Correction Insole


Do you have flat feet, fallen arch, valgus and varus foot, or o/x legs (bowlegs and knock knees)? Do you struggle with foot pain or discomfort? The Orthopedic Foot Correction Insole is your solution.


Orthopedic Foot Correction Insole


The insoles help reduce the pain and effectively correct flat foot, valgus and varus foot, fallen arch, etc., by improving the biomechanical function without interfering with the natural growth of the foot. They also promote better blood circulation and metabolism.


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Holds the foot in the correct anatomical position to correct pronation problems, boost blood circulation.

Improves biomechanical function with very good flat feet correction function without interfering with the natural growth of the foot.


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High transverse arch that helps alleviate pain and improves comfort.

Safe to use, the preferred choice of orthotic insole for podiatrists and physiotherapists.

Works for multiple shoe types for males and females; sandals, casual shoes, slippers, etc.


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Specifications :

Material: TPR

Style: 062 arch half pad

Insole function: orthopedic insole

Colors: As shown in images

Size: bagged M (suitable for yards 35-39), bagged L (suitable for yards 40-47)


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Package List: :

1* Orthopedic Foot Correction Insole



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