200pcs Snap Button Kit

Original price was: $35.85.Current price is: $23.90.

200pcs Snap Button Kit

Original price was: $35.85.Current price is: $23.90.

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200pcs Snap Button Kit

Are you tired of losing buttons on your favorite clothes and struggling to find replacements that match? Meet the 200pcs Snap Button Kit.




Simply snap the buttons into the fabric using the fastener pliers, and you’ll have an instant solution. The snap fastener kit includes 200 premium stainless steel snap buttons that are strong, durable, and rust-resistant. These snap buttons work well with a wide range of materials, including cotton fabric, cardstock, flannel, silk, fleece, thin leather, and denim. They hold firmly on the clothes and won’t fall off.

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Premium quality snap fastener kit with 200 stainless steel snap buttons and manual pliers.

Snap buttons are strong, durable, and rust-resistant, suitable for a wide range of materials.


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The kit comes with a convenient storage box with compartments to quickly find the accessories you need.

The manual pliers feature an ergonomic and non-slip handle design that is comfortable to grip and easy to control.


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The fastener kit is easy to use and does not require a hammer or pre-made holes, making it perfect for beginners.

Suitable for sewing clothing, baby scarf, children’s wear, toys, paper bags, shoes, hats, suitcases, bags, quilt covers, curtains, raincoats, DIY crafts, and more

The kit can help exercise your hands-on ability and have fun from DIY projects


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Color: silver

Material: stainless steel, plastic


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1 x 200pcs Snap Button Kit






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