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Experience the true wireless experience the right way with the EarPods, these wireless earbuds enable you to live cord-free and move with ease.

“Good sound quality and volume, Nice Appearance. Battery life is very long!”
—Ronnie Alava., Peekmarket customer

The EARPODS are built with a hybrid sound design enabling a clear treble, beautiful mids, and deep satisfying bass to enhance and immerse you in any song. If you are looking to rid yourself of the constant restraint of cords and live a more flexible and more comfortable life the EARPODS are a must.

“Don't fall out of my ears when I'm playing basketball which is really nice!”
—James Willams., Peekmarket customer

New Features:

[NEW] Drastically improved bass/sound quality

[NEW] Touch control, no more buttons

[NEW] Bluetooth V5.0

[NEW] Auto-pairing

[NEW] Supports phone calls from both earbuds simultaneously

[NEW] Auto turn on/off

[NEW] No video latency

[NEW] Active noise reduction

[NEW] Magnetic contact charging

[NEW] Upgraded chip Raychem 5.0

[NEW] Smaller size

[NEW] Wake up Siri


Drastically improved sound quality - True stereo

The sound quality of both earphones is great and equally balanced.  Copper ring speaker is used in this microphone which ensures a better sound quality and also it maintains an excellent outlook of the microphones. It also ensures comfort to the user as there are too many types of earphones which are hard and even very difficult to use.

Touch control - Using Raychem 5.0 chip

I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones use specially designed Raychem 5.0 chip well known for its high sensitivity and the high-performance touch sensor. It delivers very efficient wireless performance for better connectivity and better sound quality. For example, in times of changing music or songs or even answering a call, just touch the sensor to make it quickly works.  On the other hand, Air pods use W1 chip which does not have those kinds of features rather it just emphasizes its wireless connection.

Compact Size

Perfect fit and small size. Their compact size is carefully designed according to ear geometry to ensure secure and comfortable wearing. They are lightweight, anti-drop and sweat-proof.

Extra long working hours

This wireless headphones can work 4-4.5 hours continuously for talking, 2.5-3 hours for music, and the charging case built in 300AH +30AH battery can provide 5 times extra power if fully charged. Stand by time up to 180 hours.


I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones are compatible both with ISO and Android, with the computers and other Bluetooth devices.  This will give you more flexibility and will remove the cost of buying another headphone for another device. Dissimilarly, Air pod is only compatible with the iOS normally. Though it says it is compatible with the mobile phone, it is possible to access only a few functions.

Magnetic contact charging

The charging of this earphone is not a difficult task. It can be easily done without any hustle as it does not need to connect with the socket or other electrical circuits.  Moreover, it is rust free and free from corrosion. It provides a better and harmless way of charging.




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