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Smart Auto-Spinning Hula Hoop

Original price was: $88.35.Current price is: $58.90.

Smart Auto-Spinning Hula Hoop

Original price was: $88.35.Current price is: $58.90.

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Smart Auto-Spinning Hula HoopAre you still carrying a little bit of weight after sitting at home for an entire year? This shouldn’t be an excuse anymore.




We present to you the Smart Auto-Spinning Hula Hoop that will NOT drop! You will get slimmer effortlessly and have a great time. It will help you trim your waist and lose up to 550 calories per hour, thanks to the little centrifugal ball that requires a little force to get great results!


Staying at home is not an excuse to be unhealthy anymore!

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Smart Counting & Auto-spinning Function with the LCD screen to easily read how many times you have hopped!

Adjustable Size & Detachable Sections to adjust according to your waist’s size from 23″ to 41″.


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Really easy to assemble & store due to the sections that are very easy to snap together and take apart.

Efficient & fast burning calories that can burn up to 550 calories per hour.

Extremely fun to use by anyone, which makes it a great way to exercise and enjoy time at home.


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Specifications :

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Application: Waist

Material: ABS


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Package List :

1* Smart spinning hula hoop



Smart Auto-Spinning Hula Hoop



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