Flex Faucet Extender


Flex Faucet Extender


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Flex Faucet Extender


Cleaning big pots and pans is a pain if your kitchen sink is small. It’s even worse when you have oversized kitchenware that won’t fit.




The Flex Faucet Extender is a flexible, adjustable hose that attaches perfectly to any standard faucet and makes it easier to clean any item regardless of its size.


Make cleaning dishes or hand-washing clothes fun and easy. Order now!

faucet extension19.jpg


360° flexible rotatable faucet extender that you can turn in whatever direction.

It’s practical and helps you easily clean oversize supplies.


faucet extension17.jpg


Durable, anti-rust stainless steel nozzle that fits universal standard faucets.

Easy to install and water-saving with a foaming nozzle.


faucet extension12.jpg




Material: Plastic + stainless steel

Color: As shown

Size: 20cm, 30cm, 50cm


faucet extension2.jpg




1 x Flex Faucet Extender



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